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Booth Guidelines

Booth Height Restrictions

The maximum height allowed for each exhibit structure varies by booth type and location. Refer to the list below to determine the maximum height allowed for your booth type.

  • Linear Booths: height restriction of 8 ft.
  • Perimeter Booths: height restriction of 12 ft.
  • Island Booths: height restriction of 20 ft.

For more information on booth configurations, visit the Booth Types page.

A booth variance may be granted at the sole discretion of VAI Show Management. Exhibitors must submit a booth variance request form by Feb. 7, 2025, regardless of whether one was issued in previous years.

Booth Variances

Exhibitors with designs that are outside VAI’s booth guidelines can request a booth variance by submitting a detailed booth diagram with dimensions. Requests for a booth variance must be submitted via a booth variance request form by Feb. 7, 2025. Approvals will be given via email within five to seven business days.

Mark on your diagram the exact height and width of your booth structure and hanging sign. Clearly indicate the height of all levels on double-deck booths. All communication about booth designs must be in English and measurements given in feet/inches.

If the actual structure on-site differs significantly from the diagram submitted with the booth variance request form, you may be required to alter it, at your expense, or, if suitable space is available, the exhibit will be moved at your expense.

Note: Any approval granted for booth variances are valid for VERTICON 2025 only. Your designs, if necessary, should still be submitted to the fire marshal and a structural engineer for their approval, per the rules of the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas, as outlined in the Exhibitor Services Kit.

Additional Guidelines

Linear Booths. Exhibit sidewalls may be as high as 8 ft. but shall extend only 5 ft. from the back wall. Any display material over 3 ft. in height may not extend more than 5 ft., measured from the back wall of the booth to the front of the booth, in order to permit a clear view from booth to booth. Rare exceptions to these rules may be granted by VAI Show Management, in its sole discretion, depending in part on booth location, but exceptions shall only be permitted with prior written approval from VAI Show Management.

Static Booths. Static area is for the display of aircraft or the display or demonstration of other products. Examples include water buckets, tug/tow equipment, vehicles, and flight simulators. Three-foot draped divider rails for corners of the static space may be provided by request to VAI Show Management. Tables are allowed for the display of promotional materials only and may not exceed 3 ft. in height within 5 ft. of an aisle. Standard chairs are allowed. One sign per static space will be allowed but cannot exceed 6 ft. in height x 2 ft. in width. Absolutely no other furniture, lounges, floral, office units, back walls or sidewalls, or audiovisual will be allowed. Carpet, floor covering, overhead/hanging signage, and specialty lighting won’t be permitted in static booths. There will be no exceptions.

Installation Hours

Exhibitors seeking special consideration for early move-in should submit requests in writing to Verticon@verticalavi.org. Don’t make plans for early move-in until GES approves the request and confirms a date and time for move-in.

Please note that after 4:30 pm central, the official closing of setup on move-in days, anyone exiting the exhibit hall won’t be allowed to reenter until the following day, even if permission has been granted to work later.

In the event any exhibit isn’t fully assembled and operational by the posted time, VAI reserves the right to remove all exhibit material and repossess all rights to the exhibit space. The exhibitor won’t be entitled to any refund for such space. VAI assumes no responsibility for items removed from unoccupied booths. Absolutely no aircraft are to be moved into the aisles until the aisle carpet has been rolled up. Exhibits may not be dismantled before 4:00 pm central on the final day of the show. Early dismantling may result in a fine and ineligibility for future lottery drawings.